Kendra James & Alexis Grace Roomates Lesbian Belly Orgasm PT2- IPOD HIGH

Roommates Kendra James and Alexis Grace have recently began thee belly play together. Alexis taught Kendra… Now Kendra feels its her turn to return the favor and to worship Alexis Grace’s tan sexy belly. Alexis Grace has a very deep navel, so Kendra stretches it wide open and tongues Alexis belly button, driving Alexis crazy. Kendra also shoves her finger deep down in Alexis deep navel hitting Alexis spot. Alexis moans out with excitement. Kendra teases and licks all over Alexis belly.. making Alexis belly tighten up as she becomes closer and closer to orgasm. Once Kendra finally allows Alexis to cum, Kendra and Alexis lay side by side pressing there belly’s up against each other and tease each others belly buttons. Kendra and Alexis slide a finger in each others belly buttons and finger each others belly buttons until they bring each other to the ultimate climax at the same time.One of our hottest Belly Clips Yet!

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