Clothespin my Belly Button Tease Video

It’s here. The clip you’ve all been waiting for. In this highly anticipated clip I take my innie belly button, turn it into a meaty outie and then clip a clothespin on it! Watch as I finger my belly button teasing you with the clothespin at first. Am I going to clip it on this time or continue to finger my belly button? I tease you horrendously with the clothespin. Then when the anticipation is killing you watch as I clip it on my outie and bring the camera in closer for a better view. I move my belly button around with the clothespin. Sometimes I twist it some, other times I pull on it with the clothespin. I move the camera around for better angles and shots so that you get to see my belly button in all the best ways when clipped up. Natural light shot outdoors so nothing good is in shadow. Get it now for an exclusive price! Price will increase 24 hours after release. Prepare yourself for the juicy belly button content contained in this clip.a clothespin and put it on my meaty outie belly button.

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