Akira Lane’s Bound Belly Orgasm – Low

Randy Moore and Akira Lane both took a vacation to work together. Akira and Randy are both hanging out in there seamless pantyhose getting ready to go out for the night. Randy can’t help but notice how sexy Akira’s belly button looks peeping out of the top of her hose. Once Randy talks to Akira and find’s out that she has never had a belly orgasm, Randy is stunned! She must show her. Randy has Akira lay across the bed, and ties her down with pantyhose, At first Akira is confused but she follows her friends order’s.. She knows how much Randy enjoys bondage. Randy sticks out her long tongue into Akira’s tiny belly button hole. Akira immediately feels amazing she can not believe how sensitive her belly button is. Randy continues to lick, and suck all over Akira’s soft tan belly getting Akira closer and closer to orgasm. Randy then glides her long tongue in and out of Akiras belly button getting it nice and wet before sliding her finger deep inside. Randy fucks Akira’s belly button with her finger bringing Akira to a very intense orgasm as her hips thrust up and her back arches. This clip contains: Close Ups, Girl/Girl, Belly Button, Belly Worship

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